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Welcome to Custom Magic Cards!
Welcome to Custom Magic Cards, the BEST business cards for magicians!
We are a magic-family owned business. These cards were originally designed for my son, who is a performing magician. The right business card is the most important tool for marketing that you can have. It is a point of contact between you and your clients, something tangible that they can hold on to that will lead them back to you and allow them to share “you” with others. As a graphic designer and marketing professional I wanted my son to have a great hook for making sure people left with, and held on to, his business card. What could be more natural for magicians than a business card that looked and handled like a playing card? So I invested the time in the design and researching the printing to get it right. The finished product was amazing!
Now we want to share these amazing business cards with other performers in the magic community. We’ve made our prices very low to keep them affordable, in some cases lower than standard business cards. We know you can get limited quantities of business cards for free from some online services, but they won’t be anything like these cards!
Need more than cards? Maybe you need a website, posters to promote your performances, event tickets (I can show you how to actually make a profit on those!) or just ideas on how to better market yourself as a performer. With over 20 years of design and marketing experience, including promoting my own businesses, I can help you make the most of your money and materials, leaving you free to do what you do … make magic!
We can also help you develop printed props for your shows and packaged tricks you can sell to other magicians. We’ll help you design and find the most cost effective means of producing packet tricks, stickers, instructional DVDs, and more! If you can imagine it we can think of a way to make it a reality.
So give us a try. You’ll be glad you did!
Custom Magic Cards
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