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Custom Magic Cards
Custom Magic Card Sizes
These cards are designed in three sizes: Jumbo Size at 5" x 7", Footbridge Size at 2.17" x 3.35" (this is the European Standard business card size), and Standard Poker Size of 2.5" x 3.5", all with rounded corners. The standard poker card size can be placed within a deck or made to appear from thin air using the card handling skills you already possess. If you require Jumbo or Bridge size cards that match the Bicycle card sizes for incorporation into decks pelase contact us. All of our cards are printed using professional offset printing on a very high quality 14 point glossy coated cover stock. This is a smooth card stock, unlike the textured playing card stock, and gives you a card that is thin enough to bend, about the same thickness as a standard playing card, but strong enough that it won’t be accidently creased or folded, allowing you to handle it in a variety of ways. The glossy smooth stock combined with commercial printing processes produces vibrant colors you won't find on cheaper matte finish paper stocks. Added to that is an ultraviolet protective coating to help your cards resist fading for quite some time.
The front of these cards are fully customizable. You select the face value and suit that you want. You can use standard values and suits or make your own. They can also be printed in any color you chose. You can even include a logo or photo on the card face.
The card backs come in different styles. For our Classic Magic and Traditional card backs, you can order standard one-color cards, reversed one-color cards
, or two-color cards in standard or reversed styles. The standard styles have a white border, allowing them to blend into a regular deck of cards with greater ease. Other color styles are available for the backs, but may incur an additional charge based on the time it takes to make the changes.

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Custom Magic Cards
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