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Custom Magic Cards’ Back Designs
Linking Rings DesignThe Linking Rings:
Our initial designs have been based on our original linking ring concept. Two entwined rings are on the top and bottom of the card, with a larger ring behind the four connecting them to each other. Personally, I think it looks pretty cool, and since it was the basis for bringing the rest of the design together I just thought I would mention it here.

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Classic Magic Figurae Lunae Dramatique Traditional Airigamist Dragonslayer Southwest

Classic Magic Design:
Our most popular design for magicians, the Classic Magic back places five icons inside of the five rings, representing five classic magic tricks: linking rings, cups and balls, cards, silks, and, of course, the rabbit in the hat.

Classic Magic Icons

Other icons can be used but may incur an additional fee, especially if we have to draw them from scratch. But we’re pretty fast, so it won’t be too bad. Ask when you are ordering … we may already have it! Here are examples of a few more icons we already have created (one client wanted to show the types of events they performed at):

Other Icons

In the examples to the right, you see the Classic Magic back with both the original Cross-hatch border design as well as the Scroll-work border design. The Classic Magic back could also be done using the borders from the Traditional and Figurae Lunae back cards.

Classic Magic with Traditional BorderClassic Magic with Star Border

Classic Magic with Cross-hatch Border
Classic Magic with Scroll-work Border
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Figurae Lunae Design:
Not all magicians utilize the props found in our Classic Magic design. So we wanted to offer a card back that would give the feel of the mysterious. The Figurae Lunae back does exactly that while still using the linking ring design to tie it all together.

Moving counterclockwise around the card we have the four main phases of the moon. The sun, in the center of the card, is surrounded by an orbital path which has the astronomical symbol for the Earth, a globe with an equator and a meridian, placed at the four principal compass points. The whole image is then surrounded by a border of stars.

Additionally, in the example shown here, the background color shifts from a lighter purple to a darker purple as we move from the full moon to the new moon. (Most of our back designs can use colors that blend between each other in their background!)


Figurae Lunae
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Dramatique Design:
For the magician that is into the dramatic and theatrical performance we have the Dramatique back. A simpler and more elegant card, the Dramatique invokes a feeling of quiet intensity.

Still using our unique linking ring pattern, the four corners remain sharp and clean, displaying only the starburst of light. The center of the card back is adorned with the twin masks of the Muses Thalia and Melpomene, the Greek Muses of comedy and tragedy, and the symbol of drama and theatre for centuries.

Available like our other cards in any color scheme, the Dramatique plays well to the classic black and white design.


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Traditional Design:
The Traditional back was not really designed with our business cards in mind, but rather as an ordinary appearing card back that could be used for custom packet tricks.

It is still available for magicians who want their card to appear as nothing out of the ordinary. The Traditional back is very suitable for use in magic tricks, although all of the magicians currently using other designs have never had a problem with their audience spotting the “odd” card in advance of it being revealed.

To give the design a playing card feel diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades were all used in creating the patterns on the cards.


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Airigamist Design:
The Airigamist back is designed to promote those who engage in the fine art of folding air into many amazing shapes.

Centered around the main design of the rabbit in the magician’s hat, the colorful designs of various ballooon sculptures “pop” off of the back of the card. Look closely and you can even see through the balloons to the design underneath.

The bright colors of the Airigamist card will draw the attention, and hold it, of your potential clients.


Details on the Airigamist Cards


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Dragonslayer Design:
The Dragonslayer back provides a strong design from a bygone age.

The dragon, wings spread wider than the artwork can contain, takes flight from the center of this card while the knight sits astride his steed, lance at the ready to charge the giant beast.

Recommended in a red on black color scheme, this strong card is for the magician who puts on a strong performance … or just likes dragons!


Details on the Dragonslayer Cards


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Southwest Design:
The Southwest back was originally designed for my parents, who are not magicians. They have a ranch in Texas where they raise miniature longhorn cattle, and they liked the idea of having poker style business cards. And since I have met some magicians from the Southwest I wanted to include the design here.

I also wanted to provide you with an example of a card where the back is modified to include the individual’s logo. We can do anything with these cards!

The outer edge of the paper has an aged look. The border, framed by gold, shows a barb wire fence running between the fence posts at the four corners. Cattle skulls adorn the middle of each side.

The center of the card is a dark wood look with the logo placed on top of that in a cow hide texture and shadowed over the wood to give a raised or burned feel. The four corners of the center each show a lone star in a 3D style of gold.

For magicians, your logo can go straight in and have the same textures and shadows. The four stars can be replaced by the four suits in a deck of cards, also done in the 3D gold style. And instead of a logo the Classic Magic back rings and icons really do look good on this back in gold!


Details on the Southwest Cards


Southwest with Logo
Southwest with Classic Magic
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