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Virtual Force Swap
Take your Virtual Force™ to the next level with Virtual Force Swap!
You amazed your audiences with Virtual Force and now it’s time to really blow their minds! Everything appears to be exactly the same as with the Virtual Force. You perform the routine and reveal their card on their own smart phone. Only now when someone asks you to do it again, and you do, their smart phone reveals a totally different card!
Baffle your audiences as you perform this trick again and again, with no obvious solution in sight! Resets quickly and easily right in front of your audience with no break in your routine!
The Virtual Force Swap gimmick piece is available in a variety of colors to help it blend in with your clothing.
You can expand your routine with a Virtual Force Swap Trio™ pack! The Trio pack comes with everything in the Virtual Force Swap pack but with three Virtual Card™ reveals that can be done in any order to expand your routines and your audience’s amazement!
Virtual Cards are available with either the text reveal (requires QR Scanning App) or the Illustrated reveal (requires QR Scanning App and a WiFi or Data Connection).

Order Virtual Force Swap! — Only $25.00 Each
Each Virtual Force Swap pack includes everything you need
to perform this routine with two Virtual Cards.

Virtual Force Swap Trio — Only $35.00 Each
Each Virtual Force Swap Trio pack comes with a complete Virtual Force Swap pack plus
a Virtual Force Swap Expansion & Replacement Pack, giving you an additional third Virtual Card.

Plus $5.00 for Shipping and Handling
Contact us for large orders and dealer pricing.
Quantity and Price
Gimmick Color Custom Color
Face Value Suit Virtual Card Color Custom Color Reveal Style
Virtual Card #1: of
Virtual Card #2: of
Virtual Card #3: of for Virtual Force Swap Trio packs


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